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go falcons!

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go falcons!

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Posted 1 year ago @ 10:25PM

SAC Spectator Policies 9/11/2020


SAC Spectator Policies

The SAC will follow all MHSAA directives and guidelines. If the MHSAA changes or clarifies spectator guidelines, the SAC will make those adjustments

The athletic directors of the SAC view the opportunity for our fall athletes to compete as a real privilege. The current State of Michigan and MHSAA orders limit the number of people attending an athletic contest to two invited guests per participant. If the total number allowed in exceeds 100, that is considered “permitted excess”.

All invited spectators must have a school issued pass. They will also be charged a $5 entry fee unless they have a Senior Pass. All entry fees must be exact change. There is no entry for anyone who does not have the school issued pass. All spectators must wear masks at all times while at the athletic contest. This includes going to the concession stand or rest room. Social distancing while watching the contest is strongly recommended.

While this will allow parents a chance to watch the contests, it does, in many cases, exclude grandparents and students. We ask that you cooperate with the guidelines set forth as we navigate this unusual season. Hopefully more spectators will be allowed at some point in the 2020 - 2021 seasons. Having our student athletes participate in sports again is a wonderful first step toward getting back to some kind of normal.

SAC Game Entry Protocol

For Volleyball, Football, Soccer

1. Each spectator must have a school issued ticket with the correct date on the

ticket. Each school will issue their own ticket for each game.

2. The school ticket will be collected at the gate 3. Those with a school issued ticket will pay the $5 entry fee in exact change

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