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go falcons!

Constantine Public Schools


go falcons!

Constantine Public Schools

go falcons!

Constantine Public Schools

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

3 weeks ago

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Schoolcraft HS School

Game Date
Apr 12, 2021

On Monday April 12th the Girls Varsity picked back up their game schedule against Schoolcraft at their field.  This was our first reunion since prior to Spring Break & Easter.  It resulted in a loss to the Eagles (9-1 M.)

It was a rich game of back and forth play and a lot of positive possessions for the Falcons but after a quick 2 score start from Schoolcraft, our team had to adjust our play and pick up man marking.  Amidst the very physical game there was quite a bit of contact on both sides which elevated the level of exhaustion for a first game back on the pitch, the result was a combined 5 fouls.

Key possession:   There were 12:17 glorious minutes of teamwork and on/off the ball play from the Falcon women in response to a Third Goal from the Eagles near the 20th minute, this held off and disassemble the Eagles and held them scoreless for some of the first half.

Falcon Defensive line, led by 3-Year veteran Emilee Miller (#4), held strong and gave an amazing effort in stopping, winning and getting solid touches on the ball.   The midfield was able to facilitate 5 solid slotted balls for our forwards in the attacks that led to 6 shots on target, for a total of 11 offensive attempts. 

Kylie Roberts (#10) knocked in a phenomenal direct kick for our solo goal.

Alyssa Parmer (#37) chalked up 10 saves throughout the match.


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