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go falcons!

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go falcons!

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Game Summary

7 months ago

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Buchanan HS School

Game Date
Apr 16, 2021

The Lady Falcons started out their weekend with a Victory over the Buchanan team.  After a delayed arrival to the field the girls got warmed up and ready for the game in record time.

We started the game in true Falcon fashion 'Win the first 5 minutes.'  Led by 3-year starter, Senior Kylie Roberts (#10), the Falcons kept the ball on the Buck side for almost the entirety of the first 40 minutes.  At the end of 40:00 Constantine came out with a 4-0 lead and Alyssa Parmer had a perfect half.  The movement from the defensive line was strong which led to incredible offensive attacks.  Also key midfield marking by Erika Martinez and Leah Dumm, who kept Buchanan's key players contained.

Going into the second half we committed to controlling the middle of the field and playing an elevated passing game.  Overcoming numerous off-side errors the Constantine Falcons remained resilient and put the ball right back on their half.  The effort from the Falcons was highly effective as we kept the ball 80% of the second half and limited the Buchs to only 3 shots, 1 of which was on target with an impressive save by Parmer.  

"We played exactly how we practiced on Thursday.  The girls really stepped up and moved the ball, allowing it to do the work." - Coach Borkholder shared after the match. "Kudos to Buchanan for being flexible in their second half shut down of our offense."

The Game resulted in a Keeper Shut Out by Alyssa Parmer! 

4 Goals by Senior Kylie Roberts

a total of 23 shots on goal, 12 on target.

Constantine goes back on the road to face Saugatuck on Monday 4/19/2021